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    What is Home Doctors Adelaide? 

    Home Doctors Adelaide is a home doctor service dedicated to providing high-quality medical care to patients after clinic hours. We attend to urgent medical calls that are from patients who are sick enough to need urgent care but is not warranting a consultation as an emergency situation.

    If you are in need of emergency medical assistance, dial triple zero (000) immediately.

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    after hour home doctors in adelaide

    After Hours Medical Care

    When your GP or family doctor is unavailable and their clinics are closed, you would not have to go to the emergency department for a consult. Just dial Home Doctors Adelaide’s number and a home doctor in Adelaide will come to you, anytime you need us.

    after home doctors in adelaide

    Home Doctor in Adelaide

    We are a team of professional doctors who are reaching out to patients who need medical attention when their GPs or family doctors are unavailable. This ensures continuous delivery of care to anyone who needs it.

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    Cost of Services

    All of our services are bulk-billed for Medicare members. This makes it easier and hassle-free for patients as they would only focus on getting help than worrying about the bills.

    About Us

    Home Doctors Adelaide is a credible home doctor service that focuses on delivering quality healthcare to patients in Adelaide who needs a doctor during the times when their regular GP or family doctor is absent and unavailable. We strive to provide continuous medical care to both satisfy the patient and Adelaide’s health system.

    about us home doctors in adelaide
    emergency home doctors in adelaide

    What about medical emergency situations?

    Home Doctors Adelaide focuses more on treating and assessing patients with urgent but non-emergency and non-life-threatening medical conditions. Although our doctors are all trained to handle medical emergencies, medical attention and equipment found at home and with our doctors may not be enough to provide efficient and ideal medical emergency care.

    For emergency situations, please contact Australia’s emergency hotline; triple zero (000) for assistance, ambulance service, and prompt medical attention.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Home Doctors in Adelaide

    What medical conditions can you treat?

    Home Doctors Adelaide provides medical assistance to patients whose primary care provider, mainly their regular general practitioners or family doctors, are unavailable. We provide home consultations to patients with:

    • Symptoms such as stomach pain, diarrhea, migraine, headache, muscle pain, nausea, and vomiting, etc.
    • Minor accidents causing bruises, cuts, muscle sprain, etc.
    • Signs and symptoms of worsening illness such as coughing, wheezing, fever, etc.
    How does the home doctor service work?

    Patients who need to get seen by a doctor call our home doctor service and request for an after-hours doctor. Our medical call-center staff then prioritizes calls based on the urgency of the problems and relays the information to our on-call doctors. An approximate waiting time of 2-3 hours should be allotted for travel time. Once the doctor arrives and finishes with the consult, a medical summary report will be prepared and sent to your regular GP or family doctor to keep them informed about the doctor’s assessment during your home doctor visit.

    How much do we pay for home doctor service?

    We are bulk-billing all expenses for Medicare members. To avail home doctor service, you just have to present your card and no call out fee and other out-of-pocket charges will be made. However, if you are a Medicare member, you will have to pay for the consultation fee. We will give you a payment receipt that you can present to Medicare for full reimbursement.

    For non-members of Medicare, a private service fee will be charged for the home doctor service. the call center agent will inform you of the cost of services that you need to pay by cash or credit card. this will also be discussed with you during your call.

    What do I need to make a booking for home doctor service?

    Before calling Home Doctors Adelaide, kindly prepare all the information about the patient (name, birth date, address, Medicare card), the description of his condition, and the information of your regular GP or family doctor. This information will make it easier for us to assess and prioritize all calls to provide appropriate care to all patients.

    Can I book a home doctor service in advance?

    No, you can’t. Our service supports the medical services of your general practitioner and family doctor. If you would need a consultation, contact us the same day you need after-hours home doctor service, or you can always ask for an appointment with your regular GP or family physician.

    Can I get a medical certificate and prescription?

    Yes. You will be provided with the needed medications as assessed and determined by the doctor. They are equipped with basic medications commonly used and prescribed during medical consultations. You will also be provided with a starter pack with the initial doses of needed medications until you can go the nearest pharmacy and follow up with your family physician or GP.

    If medical certificates are also needed as a work requirement or for other legal purposes, we are also capable of providing that for you.

    What is your service schedule?

    Our home doctor visiting services are available after clinic hours during weekdays from 6 PM until before 8 am the next day; weekends from 12 noon on Saturdays and all day during Sundays. We are also available to serve you during public holidays.

    You may place your calls to book Home Doctors Adelaide services at the same time as we are available.

    Will my privacy be protected?

    Yes, of course. We respect your privacy and we know that it is important and is required by the law to protect your privacy and maintain confidentiality. Your personal information stored in our system is protected and is stored privately as part of our privacy policy. The medical summary report we furnish after each home consultation will be directly sent to your regular GP or family doctor to avoid a breach of information.

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