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About Us

Home Doctors Adelaide is a credible home doctor visiting service that focuses on delivering quality healthcare to patients in Adelaide who needs a doctor during the times when their regular GP or family doctor is absent and unavailable. We strive to provide continuous medical care to both satisfy the patient and Adelaide’s health system.

Home Doctor Visiting Service in Adelaide

Home Doctors Adelaide wanted to bring back the local after-hours services of medical practitioners in Adelaide. We are a team of general practitioners who also care for the patients that we assess and treat as a home doctor in Adelaide. We also refer them back to their regular GP and family physician so they can continue their ongoing care. Our service’s role is just part of the big puzzle of providing primary health care to all Adelaide residents, together with hospitals, private clinics, paramedics, and aged care facilities. We all play our role in maintaining the best ongoing care possible for our patients.

Home Doctors Adelaide is dedicated to providing a high quality of care to patients in the comfort of their homes.  Our partner home doctors in Adelaide are GPs from within the respected Adelaide Medical Community. We provide them with ongoing training and mentoring so our partners can be sure that they are fully reinforced to provide the highest quality of care for you and your loved ones.

Home Doctors Adelaide aims and supports the delivery of after-hours home doctor visiting services that are warranted and required. We refer our home visit patients back to their regular GP for routine care, and assist the patient as well as provide the best option for them based on the symptoms that have presented to the medical call center staff. We ensure the Adelaide public that all of our staff have a current Police Clearance and are medically trained to take your coals and do triage work to prioritize each call. Our partner doctors are fully trained, recognized by the Medical Board of Australia, registered with AHPRA, and hold other appropriate qualifications, training, and experience to assist you in the best possible way available. All these mean that we want to provide peace of mind to you, the patient.

Premier Quality Adelaide Healthcare Services

Home Doctors Adelaide aims to work collaboratively with all healthcare-related practitioners and professional associations. We want to collaborate towards the same common goal of better health and wellbeing for people living in Adelaide, if not the whole of Australia. We can do this by maintaining professionalism, respect, and good working collaboration with all healthcare providers.

Our home doctor visiting service complements existing medical services and meets the never-ending need for medical care and attention when there are times when they cannot be available. Home Doctors Adelaide strives hard to make a better knowledge for Adelaide residents of the presence of after-hours medical deputizing services like us so we can ensure Adelaide patients understand the medical options available to them in times of need.

Home Doctors Adelaide is committed to providing a superior quality of medical care service by producing a safe, secure, and satisfying working environment for our entire medical team thereby fostering an atmosphere conducive to self-motivation, teamwork, camaraderie, work professionalism, and growth.

Home Doctors Adelaide is committed to providing a sensible and quality after-hours service for you and your loved ones. We are here for you when you really need us. Our services and people are from Adelaide, for and by Adelaide. The idea, the staff, and the medical practitioners are based here and we deeply care for all of Adelaide.

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