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We, as adults, want to live our own lives in our very own homes. We work hard so we can afford to buy our own house and live in it alone or with our families. But how do we make sure that our parents that we left behind are able to live on their own? Some elderly people in our community would still wish to live in their homes instead of getting themselves admitted to a hospice or aged care facility. Moreover, how can we be sure that when we grow old and frail, someone is going to care for us at home? This is what Home And Community Care (HACC) is all about. What is HACC and what can we get from this program?


Home and Community Care: A brief description

The Home and Community Care program or HACC is a government-led health service targeting senior citizens who are in need of help and assistance in living in their own homes independently. This program intends to provide aid to those people who want to live independently but still need other people’s assistance in performing their day-to-day activities.


What health services can Home and Community Care provide?

home care servicesHACC is a good source of different community services and support so that weak older people and people with disabilities (PWD) who struggle to live independently can continue to live their lives in their own community. The health services HACC can provide include:

  • Different activities that help eligible clients at home
  • Support in adjusting to the needs and requirements of the community
  • Assistance in times when their own carer is on vacation


Who supervises Home and Community Care services?

In Australia, the basic health services and offerings of the HACC services are government-funded. This people-centred livelihood and health assistance are being managed by the Commonwealth Department of Health through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP). If you or someone you know needs this program, coordinate with your community officials so they can report and request help for you from your local community’s HACC agency, community health centre, or local board or committee. There are also government-linked agencies that offer HACC services and their program is subsidised by the state where they are located.


What can HACC do for me?

You must be thinking, what can this home and community care program actually do for me to make my life easier as I continue to live independently? Well, here are some of the usual activities and services that a HACC program provides for its clients.

Self-care activities

The HACC program offers help and assistance in making sure that the client is taking care of himself. Self care and hygiene activities like taking a bath, moving in and around the house, doing self-fulfilling activities, as well as other personal tasks like doing the groceries, and management of finances


House maintenance

HACC has services that allow carers and service providers to help the client with their usual house responsibilities, like cleaning, washing clothes, and cooking- any activity that may also be needed to maintain the good living status of the house.


Renovations required in the house

home health care

The Home and Community Care program also coordinates with different agencies to help the patient or client to adapt to independent living and the requirements of the community. For instance, those who recently have had a disability may be accompanied by a HACC provider as well as get assistance in transforming his house into a handicap-friendly area or surrounding. A home renovation like installations of lifts, guard rails, ramps, and handrails may also be coordinated and provided. Moreover, adjustment to the design of the house to fit the needs of the homeowner may also be requested. Typical changes involve installing handrails on bathrooms, lowering the sink and countertops, and even providing a ground-level multi-functional area that transforms into a bedroom to reduce the need for the patient to use the stairs.



A HACC agency is in charge of making sure that the patient is getting the right nutrition that he needs for his day-to-day activities. Making sure that he has his daily delivery of meals, as well as the provision of a scheduled supply of food and grocery should also be provided by the HACC program.


Allied health services

People who are eligible to have home and community care services also have the benefit to request for home medical services should the need arises. Contact information of the nearest home doctor services should be part of the HACC program’s requirement. The assistance of a house doctor and contacting a home doctor service should be practised if needed.

These are just some of the many health services that a home and community care program can provide you. If you need more information about this government initiative, you can visit us so we can address any of your concerns, or contact us at  (08) 7078 8377 .

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