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Have you heard of a home doctor service? If you are in Australia, there is a big possibility that a reliable home doctor service is available to cater to your urgent medical needs right in the comfort of your home. Home doctors are usually called during the wee hours of the night when family doctors and other health clinics are closed and unavailable. But is there an available home doctor during the day?


Home doctor service: The principle behind the practice

Having home doctor service is not new to the industry, as most people think. The practice started way back in the 1930s, where hospitals are few and way too far from the patients. Physicians, with their black bag and hat, would visit their ill patients to do their assessment, diagnosis, and treatment in the comfort of their own homes. This practice seemed to lose its popularity and use when many hospitals began to emerge that house the latest innovations in medicine. It then became a necessity to go to the nearest hospital to have a complete check-up instead of relying on the clinical eye of a home doctor.

home doctorYears passed, and patient congestion in hospitals worsen and disrupt the medical care critical patients need. Health officials and organisations began to find ways on how to manage patient traffic; this part is where home doctor service re-emerges. The principle of reviving the medical home visits lessen the number of patients with non-life-threatening conditions to visit emergency departments. With home doctors assessing and treating you at home, you save time and energy, and hospital staff can focus on delivering immediate care to patients who badly need it.


Is There An Available Home Doctor During The Day?

Absolutely! Home doctor service caters to patients 24/7 who need medical assistance. Their services are intended for urgent but not critical medical care, especially conditions that are not life-threatening. Typical home doctor service provides a hotline that sends a home doctor to your home when your regular or family doctor is unavailable.


Can I replace my GP with a home doctor during the day?

general physicianThis is a big misconception about home doctor service. Since the medical services that home doctors provide are much more convenient and hassle-free (not to mention bulk-billed), people tend to get the wrong impression that they are better than getting your GP’s services.

On the contrary, GPs provide a more extensive range of services than home doctor services. These medical professionals are primarily responsible for patient care in the community. As a matter of fact, home doctor during the day just works in partnership with your GP to look after you when they are not available, or if you are unable to visit your GP. With that said, patients should still prioritise seeing their GP if it is safe and appropriate to do so.


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