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When you feel sick in the middle of the night, what would be your initial thoughts on what to do? Probably get ready and drive to the nearest emergency department, right? Well, that would not be the case if you have the necessary information about a home doctor service. With this newly-restored medical assistance, it is the doctor comes to you and not the other way around. But what can home doctor service really do for you, and how do their program procedures work?


Home doctor services: What is it for?

home visitsWe usually have a family doctor who knows the ins and outs of our medical history, as well as our family’s. They store records of our previous health conditions and helps us monitor our present medical condition if we have any. Although this is a very ideal doctor-patient set-up, we also encounter times when we need to consult a medical concern and your doctor is not available. This is where the need for a home doctor service is warranted. Now, you do not need to go to the hospital and wait in line for hours just to see a doctor. Home doctor services send a licensed medical practitioner to your doorstep to attend to your needs and inquiries conveniently.

The services of a home doctor are nothing new, actually. The existence of their program dates back to the 1930s, where 40% of medical consultations happen at home. Aristocrats and noble persons who require the services of a medical expert just wait in their mansions while a doctor carrying a black bag and a hat arrives and assesses them. But because modern technology gave rise to more complex machines and gadgets to be used for accurate patient assessment and diagnosis, people were advised to visit the hospital where these machines are located. This was the reason the market for home doctor services died down.

However, increasing patient congestion in emergency departments of hospitals results in setting aside prioritisation when it comes to patient handling, and this alone warranted the comeback of house calls. Now, doctors and nurses can focus on treating patients’ life-threatening conditions because patients who need medical attention but not on an urgent basis can just dial up a number and a home doctor comes to the rescue!


Home doctor services: How does it work?

Most home doctor services advertise an easy-to-remember phone number, an online app, or a website that people can visit to avail of their services. These companies have medically-trained call operators who answer the call and dispatch the nearest available doctor to your location. Your assigned house doctor then assesses you at home and completes a report of what conspired during your consultation and send it to your family doctor. This way, the care and follow-up of your condition may be assured. For your reference, you can visit Home Doctors Adelaide website to know more.


What can you expect from a home doctor?

All home doctor services can boast about the list of their medical personnel who are all licensed medical practitioners and specialists who are all willing and capable to cater to your medical needs.

  • home doctor visitsThey are equipped with the necessary paraphernalia to assess and diagnose simple medical conditions and provide relief when needed.
  • Home doctors also have an array of necessary first-aid medications or usual drug prescriptions that you may need, so you can take the initial doses for your instant relief. He may also give you a prescription of additional medications that you need to address your disease.
  • Because they are mobile doctors and some patients may have more urgent needs, call operators and doctors as well would advise a 2-hour waiting time allowance for the doctor to arrive from the time you call for their services. They will call you ahead of time to give you an estimated time of arrival and keep you up to date with any changes so that you would not feel forgotten or ignored while waiting.
  • If during the waiting period, you or your family member’s symptoms become worse, do not wait for your house doctor. We advise you to go to the nearest hospital facility for emergency medical assistance. You can call and cancel the home doctor services and we would be more than willing to assist you in every way we can. Visit or Contact Home Doctors Adelaide so we can provide more information for you.

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