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Feeling sick in the middle of the night is a discomfort by itself. Thinking about going to the hospital is an added hassle. But now that national home doctor services are available in Australia, getting checked by a doctor is as easy as dialling a hotline number! But can they really help hospitals with their services?


National home doctor services help hospitals: Patient congestion

Have you been to the emergency department of the nearest hospital in your area? You may have seen how overly populated hospitals are, especially during the wee hours of the night. When most GPs are unavailable, patients have no choice but to go to the hospital to get checked. Now that a national home doctor services are up and running, hospitals can now be relieved of the many non-emergency cases and make the patient organisation in the hospital smooth-sailing.


National home doctor services help hospitals: Quality of care

Can you imagine going to the hospital for a splinter and waiting in line alongside patients in life-and-death situations? Your reason to have a doctor check on you may be urgent, but knowing that a hospital emergency department’s primary concern is, well, the emergency patients’ welfare, the quality of care of an emergency service that caters to patients who need urgent but non-emergency care may be compromised. Your regular GP may have provided your care if only he is available. But now that home doctor services are making a comeback, convenient and quality medical care is guaranteed.



National home doctor services help hospitals: Overall medical assistance

A visit to the emergency room for a non-emergency problem is undoubtedly a waste of time and energy. Because you know how inconvenient it is going to and from the hospital, the chances are high that you would just overlook your condition until it gets worse until you have no choice but to seek medical help. This means more complicated medical procedures and more demanding doctor consultations in hospitals.


National home doctor services help hospitals: Prevention of further illnesses

You can also get hospital-acquired infections from the bacteria and viruses from fellow patients. So instead of just caring for your present medical condition, you should also worry about the potential illnesses you may get from waiting in line in hospital premises for a health problem that your GP could have solved. With a house call doctor available to serve you during the wee hours of the night, you may feel assured and secure that you get the medical services of a board-certified medical professional, and you can also protect yourself from hospital-acquired diseases.


Knowing the advantages of having a national home doctor to the rescue in times of need gives both patient and carer the peace of mind that there is always someone to call when they need help. Arm yourself with the hotline numbers of a national home doctor service near you, so when the need arises, you know who’s best to call.

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